An Epic Evaluation of Apocalypse Now

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An Epic Evaluation of Apocalypse Now In 1979, Francis Ford Coppola unleashed a film that reshaped the view of the American Vietnam war. The film was heralded as an epic of modern film. However, is it truly an epic or is that term become a widely used word for great works of cinema? Does Apocalypse Now contain the epic criteria of religion, a journey, a vast setting, a sense of supernatural and other key factors? The journey in Apocalypse Now is Captain Benjamin Willard’s mission to assassinate Army Colonel Walter Kurtz. The former Green Beret has deserted his command and now leads a rogue army of commandos and Montagnard, the indigenous people of the central highlands of Vietnam(Human Rights Watch). This film is also a journey into…show more content…
This event causes the rest of the crew to turn on him and cast a dark shadow over Willard. When Chef asks, “When you kill cong, don’t you feel something?” Willard responds, “Sure, recoil...I feel the recoil of my rifle.” This statement alone solidifies the fact that Willard is not a fundamentally good soul. The supernatural is an important element in any Epic. In Apocalypse Now, the supernatural pertains more to a detachment from reality than to a ghost, miraculous events, or the common notion of the supernatural. In this sense, the film is rife with the supernatural. First Kilgore’s calvary, the surfing calvary charge into battle listening to the “Ride of the Valkyries.” Kilgore boasts, “We’ll come in low, out of the rising sun, and about a mile out, we’ll put on the music... Yeah, I use Wagner – scares the hell out of the slopes! My boys love it!” The music and the surfing are completely out of place in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. However, this is just the first stop on the tour of mass mayhem. Later in the film, the PBR comes across the remains of a rubber plantation. This is a plantation run by the de Marais family, a hold over from the French colonization of Indochina. In the middle of a war zone, a family is trying to hold onto a piece of property in a country in which they are not natives. Several of their family members have given their lives for that
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