An Epic Hero in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a Poem Pearl Poet

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a poem by the Pearl Poet, sends an epic hero on a journey to discover his flaw. In his journey of figuring out his flaw, Sir Gawain encounters a Green Knight that holds a holly and axe in his hands. On a Christmas dinner, the Green knight rides into King Arthur’s hall proposing a game. Any knight willing to cut off the his head is able to keep the axe, but only if he agrees to let the Green Knight return the blow at a later time. The Green knight was described as one who was plantlike and had a giant body structure, leading to the assumption that he was a certain type of vegetation god. The knight also held a holly in one hand and an axe in another, possibly representing the necessity of plants to die in the cooler climates in order for them to grow again when it summer returns. The Green Knight, playing an important role for plant life and crops, is still a mysterious character. His odd characteristics with his supernatural powers make it evident that the Green Knight has some connection with crops and vegetation. The Green Knight’s physical features are clearly described in the story. He was described to have green skin and a huge build: “greater than any on earth; from neck to loin so strong and thickly made, and with limbs so long and so great that he seemed even as a giant… For he was clad all in green” This indicates that the knight’s sturdy build and green color is like that of a healthy plant. The knight’s long limbs

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