An Epic Play, Cyrano de Bergerac, Written by Edmond Rostand

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In this play, Cyrano is depicted as a slightly different protagonist, or the main character. Rostand managed to draw several changes in order to heighten the dramatic effect of forming the theatrical figure with significant characteristics that are central to the interpretation of the whole play. Rostand wrote this play as a tragicomedy in which he combined both catastrophic plots with comic actions. It can be easily discovered that, Rostand produced this play not merely to entertain the audience, but also to express and convey several cultural diversities and human natures from these major aspects: the inequality of social structure. Thus, I am going to investigate how Rostand conveyed the concept of unfair social class structure through the extensive descriptions of Cyrano’s character, so as to more comprehensively understand the reality of the French society.
Starting with the social structure, the French culture in the history was often said to be unequal, which are shaped by the social status described in the story. Having a highly stratified society, France is a country which is with strong- definition and competition between classes. People were classified into different structures: The privilege class, middle class workers and the peasants—the third class. In the play itself, the marquises, the cadets, Roxane, Christian,…
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