An Epidemic Of Sexual Assaults Across The Nation

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In most recent years there has been an epidemic of sexual assaults across the nation. In the United States alone, a rape occurs every 6.2 minutes resulting in 1 out of every 5 women as well as 1 out of every 71 men being sexually assaulted or raped in their lifetime. This problem has been something that has been hushed for many years affecting the lives of the victims for a lifetime. We the nation need to take a stand to teach our young men and women that it is inappropriate to violate a person’s personal space without consent. This problematic phenomenon has not only affected the lives of the people throughout today’s society, but has become a tremendous outbreak within college campuses. On average they are thousands of complaints made…show more content…
On the contrary, the university and the police department turned their backs on her. They refused to run a DNA test on the football star immediately doing nothing for ten months. Next came victim blaming, where statements were made saying she was a liar and how unfortunate it was for him to go through this turmoil that can affect his career. Ultimately, the case got dismissed and the football star made no apologies and answered no questions, only making a statement saying any sex that happened was consensual. There lies the problem with the college institutions, they allowed this man to get away with this crime simply because he was an asset to the university. This act makes us wonder what resources are put in place to protect young women from situations like this, and how many more instances has to occur for the system to change. In these universities they are school psychologists that are supposed to be there to assists and offer help to the young women and men who are victims of this crime and many others. In most cases an intervention is carried out by the helping professionals of the university are there to provide some solutions to the problem being faced. Some of the interventions consists of assessment and education. This is a phase where the victim builds up the strength to speak to the psychologist about the trauma, in this session the psychologists leaves room for the victim to feel
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