An Episode Of America's Got Talent

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Just when I think I have figured out life, life changes. Where we you when life change? Let me tell you about a boy I knew. It was 2013 this boy sat down with his family to watch an episode of America’s Got Talent (AGT). The first contestant was a 16-year-old magician. The boy watched the magician nervously walk to the judges borrow a dollar and make it disappear by the aid of fire and then made it reappear in a bag of popcorn that was across the stage. At that moment, surrounded thunderous applause and incredible emotion, history was made not only for the magician on TV but for the boy who was now glued to the television screen. Time went on and the trick grew and grew on the boy until one day the trick was solved. Solved…show more content…
The trick was performed and at the end, everyone screamed and shouted. At that moment life had changed for that boy. The boy had change that bag of popcorn into a box of granola bars. That dollar into a card randomly selected by an audience member and that thunderous applause into motivation to start a career at the age of fifteen. In my profession is it a common question for someone to ask, “When did you first get into magic.” For a long time, that question was unanswered till this year, my senior year of high school. The best way to explain why this is when I got into magic, is to relive it. At the age of fifteen, I was transitioning into sophomore year of high school. Back then youtube and video games were life, so after seeing a couple youtube videos on “impossible minding reading with a deck of cards” I became interested. I purchased a deck and would leisurely mess around with my family and friends. After they go tired of me and my tricks I took them to school. Using this as a tool to make friends I soon succeeded and found one. Together we grew in interest, learned more, watched more and even performed magic tricks for each…show more content…
I soon found a method like it and perfected it to be my own. One thing bothered me I didn’t know how he did his version on AGT. More time passed and it wasn't until the summer before senior year that Collins Keys happen to make a tour visit to Des Moines, Iowa. I called and emailed explaining to countless people why I need to meet Collin when he is in town. Finally, I convinced them, by the aid of being annoying, I was given a phone number. With the instruction that if I called this number I might be lucky to get in contact with a person close enough that I could meet Collin. I took my chance and when I called that number the voice on the other end, was his dad. The person who had helped Collin achieve greatness was going to help start a new path of greatness. Putting me in VIP seating at Collins show but also VIP seating at Perkins with Collin. Meeting your role model is great but when you can be taught by your role model 1:1 is the greatest thing
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