An Episode Of Doctor Who Or Phil Of The Future

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It’s completely inevitable to switch through dimensions with such simplicity. I mean, unless you’re in an episode of Doctor Who or Phil of the Future, then I guess you could say anything is possible. As kids, we often think about getting in a time machine and flying through time, like endng up in the year 3000 or even way back in the dinosaur era. The whole aspect of it really seems fun when you expect everything to go your way. Unless, of course, you’re me, Camryn Matthews. On that bright Saturday afternoon, everything was going great. Work was going smoothly and my friends were coming over that night. Everything was going just as I planned. I was basically the type of girl to want everything to go my way, but not in the super obnoxiously bratty way; in the stubborn way. Going out with my girls was going to be a huge hit. Despite the fact that there is nothing to actually do in our town in Florida, we are determined to make it one. As time rolled by, I was finally out the door; walking unsteady while still trying to accomplish putting my heels on correctly. This was about to be the best time of my life, or so I thought. Around 1 AM, my life changed in ways no one could imagine. Being rolled down the hospital hallway, I had no clue what was going on. Shaking and trembling, I was covered in blood. I asked the doctor, yet got no response. I slowly reached up to feel the back of my head, curious as to what I would find, and there it was; an oversized, bloody hole. I
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