An Episode Of The Television Series Intervention

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This paper is based on an episode of the television series intervention. The episode I watched was about a young woman called Sarah. Sarah had a normal upbringing, she was always surrounded by a lot of family and friends, and got good grades in school . Her family describes her as everyone 's best friends. The monster in Sarah comes out when she picks up her drink. She hangs out with the wrong crowd, and party too hard. Her boyfriend also has alcohol issues so he is not much help. Sarah now needs government assistance because she lost her job due to her alcohol use. Sarah was not always like this. Upon entering high school Sarah was very self- conscious about her image , she had very low self-esteem and self-confidence. One day a group of boys at her school called her fat, so she decided to do something about it. After that event Sarah became anorexic. While on a school field trip, she experienced an earthquake and a tsunami, she was really in shock. The heavy drinking started after she experienced that awful event. Her older friends from school introduced her to alcohol. They purchased it for her because she was underage she could not by it herself. She would get drunk everyday in order to ease her pain and not think about what happened. When Sarah is drunk she forgets about her responsibilities and she ignores all the help around her. Sarah has torn her family apart. Her father and older brother have taken her out of there lives, but her mother provides her with the

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