An Era Of Mass Digitization

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In an era of mass digitization, the consumer health technology market has skyrocketed and continues to rapidly grow. According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 75 percent of all online consumers say they own some form of a fitness technology product (mHealth News). In addition, 95 million Americans currently use their phone for health-related uses (The Atlantic), and by 2018, the overall number of wearable devise shipped to consumers is expected to reach 130 million (Huffington Post). The burgeoning world of health technology products has driven prominent technology companies, start-ups, and major investors, into the market. For instance, venture capitalists invested over $2 billion in digital health start-ups, and …show more content…
Over the past year, the use of mHealth and fitness apps grew 87 percent faster than the overall app industry, and researchers expect this trend to continue to grow (Beckers Hospital Review). In early 2014, 45.8 million U.S. smartphone owners used a fitness and health app, an 18 percent increase from 39 million users during the same month a year ago (Nielsen). In addition, users are 2.5 time more positive towards these apps than most popular retail, media, or travel apps (Market Watch).
Currently, the top 5 health and fitness apps include the Calorie Counter by MyFitness Pall, Lose ItL by FitNow, Sports Tracker by Sports Tracking Technologies, Challenges (e.g. Sowrkit) by Nexercise, and Instant Heart Rate. These popular apps count calories (both consumed and burned), record exercise activity (i.e. using GPS to track distance, speed, etc.), track pounds lost, and monitor vitals. (Market Watch). Other popular apps help users in tracking sleep patterns, finding healthy restaurants (e.g. HealthyOut), or planning meals (Zipongo). There are even apps, such as Shopwell, that allow users to scan barcodes at home or in grocery stores to find a good match for the user’s goals, ranging from losing weight, maintaining an allergy-specific diet, or managing conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. There has also been

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