An Errand of Beauty

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After bringing yours and Lucanus’ petitions to my own husband, and then to our local Aedile last week, I had no such luck in having them answered. I thought perhaps, with my noble blood and the respected Patrician name of my husband I could perhaps get an audience with our beloved Emperor. So, there I was last week, walking through the streets of Rome, my ladies-in-waiting all aflutter around me, dodging Plebian neighborhoods like a plague from the gods, following whispers from strolling senators in their bright white togas. My only mission was to find our emperor Trajan and command to have your petitions answered.
However, as you know dear sister, I am easily distracted by the wondrous beauties the gods have bestowed upon our great city. Sister, have you ever actually taken the time to look at the beauty around you? I know there is not much where you reside on the outskirts of town, but next time you go to the market, please do. In fact, visit the markets outside of Emperor Trajan’s forum the next time you come further into the city.
Can you imagine two whole levels of market stalls? Each one with more and more goods to purchase, by the gods it is a sight to behold sister. I had to send one of ladies-in-waiting to run home and fetch more slaves just to be able to carry back the abundance of luxury items I purchased from one of the first floor shops, located just beneath a…
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