An Essay About Being A Lifeguard

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thought I knew everything about being a Lifeguard. Working at the Melnea A Cass Pool gave me the opportunity to actually save someone's life, and work on myself. Saving someone's life as a lifeguard was almost anticlimactic, it started with a typical busy day at work, having roughly 200 people at the pool which meant all eyes on deck and I couldn’t even count the amount of times I would have to say things like, “Don’t run” or “You can’t eat on the pool deck.” Having my fellow guards behind my back during a busy day like this was reassuring, but that reassurance didn’t mean I could slack off. During the middle of the day A young girl whose name I never had the chance of getting to know was struggling to keep afloat in the deeper part of the pool. As a lifeguard I am trained to know what is actually drowning and what playing around looks like and with that, moments later I actually realized that she was drowning in the 6 foot part of the pool. Never really having to save someone before, I hesitated to act at first but remembering everything I experienced that alone drove me to jump into the pool after her across the pool and bring her to safety at the edge of the water. I remember her crying and running away from me to her family, even when I needed her name for the documentation. My manager Amarri came and let me know I did a good job and he told me I needed to go back to watching the water, and like that I…show more content…
The short conversations I would have with my manager taught me at eighteen to adapt to situations, to not be afraid, and to be respectful. It’s his advice and my lifeguarding experience that drive me to continue to work on myself in college, but another great influence I had throughout my four years of work as a lifeguard would be
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