An Essay About Maryland

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Maryland, located in the eastern coast of the United States, is a state that offers many tourist attractions. From the food to the sites to even the hotels, Maryland is a state that is considered a fun family place for everybody from little kids to adults. Maryland has many different types of culture in the state from native american to Irish culture and even parts of German. Maryland has many things you can plan and do with family,friends or by yourself. Maryland’s tourist attractions like the B&O railroad and the Maryland aquarium are the best places to take your family to so they can see the historic trains that use to drive on the railroads back in the day. Many of the tourist sites that you can see in maryland are either historic or modern day trains. A few tourist areas you can visit in Maryland is Fort McHenry, Oriole Park, Maryland National Aquarium, and the American Visionary Art Museum. All of these places that you can go and see all family friendly and many of these places can help teach or inform you about what is there. In the aquarium you can see over 20,000 animals from excotic birds to the aquatic life of oceancianic animals, the aquarium is a great place to see all kinds of rare animals that live there aquatic and mammal. Many people love…show more content…
The game is rough but not like football or any other contact sport but it is still a rough game that you can still get injured in. The lacrosse stick or “crosse” the netting in the stick is a soft and loose mesh netting that is used to throw the ball. Lacrosse is a fun but dangerous game that many people love to play the lacrosse nation has many people from the young to the old the many different types of leagues are the men’s, woman’s, box, and
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