An Essay About Moving To America

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Today, many people usually move to America because of a job opportunity, an educational proposal, or a care about one particular reason such as marriage. My family also arrived here for these reasons. My family's immigration was accepted from the government ten years after we applied for that. Except for the unlawful ways like illegal immigration or those who stay, most immigrants waited for a long time. Accordingly, my family used to experience a lot of twists and turns when we lived in Korea. For example, I had to decide to attend the college in my country or get the chance to come here, but my family came to America while my family was not planning on it. Thus, my goal here in America is enter a university because of three main reasons like desire for study nutrition, I can get a good job, and it is time. First, I hope to learn about science of nutrition. This idea appeared when I came to the United States, but the original subject was business administration or world history. As I mentioned earlier, my family was approved when our family had almost given up on immigration. The subject of history was considered my best choice for a major when I was a high school student, but my values changed through this turning point in my life. I know that entering the mainstream society is hard for a foreigner. Sometimes I go through specific problems such…show more content…
However, I have complete confidence and will move on. I will get over this difficulty by the act of willingness although English is hard for me. When I was a child, I thought I could fly. My brother and I occasionally played fly further away like as jumping to the ground from a bed or sofa with a little scarf. Someone wrote that success is a matter of will power. So, I am pursuing these aims with dogged determination. Thus, I desire to enter a university because of the three main reasons for me such as aspiration to learn nutrition, gain a good job, and
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