An Essay About My Dad

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It's been almost two years since I lost my dad. Today I sit on his birthday writing this and these words are not enough to describe the pain I feel just thinking of him. People always say it gets easier in time and that is true but don't be fooled by the inspirational quotes, the feeling of loss and emptiness never goes away. My dad was a wonderful, kind man who I shared an irreplaceable bond with. He helped me get through the worst moments of my life without even knowing it. He picked me up, he took care of me and was more of a friend than any of the friends I have ever had growing up. Dad was always there praising me, protecting me and defending me against anyone who put me down. Of course like most good fathers, he was overly protective at times and like most teenagers, I had my rebellious moments. He once caught me drunk and didn't say anything as long as I kept my grades up and didn't get in trouble. Dad raised his four daughters to be close and always put family first. We often talk and joke about him although it's not always easy. Today on his…show more content…
It was the one thing we all agreed on. My dad, a proud and strong man never liked laying in a bed or having people take care of him. It wasn't the way he would have wanted to spend whatever time he had left in this world. My family: sisters, brothers (in laws), mother, my uncle (my dad's closest brother) and my sister's mother in law were let in to say goodbye.I held his hand as he took his last breath and we all said our last words to him. My second sister was telling me to say goodbye but I couldn't talk or even breathe properly to say anything at the time. I take comfort in the fact that the last words I said to him the night before during visiting hours were "Bye Dad". It's odd that out of all the happiest memories I have, the most painful one of his death is the only one I remember clearly. It is definitely a feeling you will never
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