An Essay About My Dive Island

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A person who has not wanted at least once to plunge into the depths of a sea to enjoy the mesmerizing dance of the inhabitants of its depths just probably can not imagine the beauties that are hidden from our eyes by a layer of brackish water. Millions of the most diverse marine inhabitants, of all colors, shapes, and sizes, are waiting for you, as a dear guest, to showcase the richness and splendor of the underwater world. So, let's talk about the best dive resorts where your diving will be the most colorful, exciting and memorable. Sipadan, Malaysia As one of the venerable dive-gurus once said: "Instead of flying to Egypt two times, travel to Sipadan". And although the Red sea, without any doubts, gives many of the most vivid emotions from acquaintance with the underwater world to the beginners, it is impossible to compare it with the beauty of Malaysia. The island looks like a protruding out of the water crater of a long-dead volcano, which is adorned with lush greenery. There are hidden real treasures under the surface of the water found by the most famous underwater pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau: limestone cliffs that almost vertically descend deep into many, many meters are filled with…show more content…
Besides, it is in the TOP 7 world's natural wonders and is certainly one of the best dive resorts. Of the three hundred and fifty species of corals that are known to date, 340 you can find there. Hence, where there is such an impressive collection of corals, which are sea homes for "our little brothers", there is, of course, no less impressive population of underwater creatures, both big and small. Besides, the Great Barrier Reef is home to aquatic mammals such as Dugongs that are now endangered. If you all your life dreamed of exploring these beauties, it is better to go to Heron Island, which is considered to be recognized center of local
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