An Essay About My Life

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Going to college has reminded me how much I truly love to read. It’s also reminded me that there are some books that I cannot bear to sit through. For a long time, I only read books that I knew I would love, or that I’d at least like. I only picked up a book if it was by an author I knew, or if it came recommended by someone. Now that I’m writing again, I see that as pure foolishness. I’ll miss out on thousands of good books if I place limitations on what I’m willing to pick up. Also, I’ve met a lot of indie published writers, and I want to check out their work! Now I’m picking up books that may very well suck, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. Because of this, though, I’m no longer holding myself to the standard I used to. If I picked up a book when I was younger, I told myself I had to finish it, even if it was terrible. I think school does that to you, makes you feel bad if you don’t want to finish a book. No more. There’s not enough time in my day to read books I’m not into. My new rule of thumb is: read one chapter; if I’m not into the book, I’m allowed to put it down. Authors, I’m that reader everyone warns you about. You’ve got one chapter to wow me with either your dedication to beautiful sentences, your characters, or your plot. So, it’s May, and I’ve finished a ton of books this year compared to the last few years of my life. I thought I’d post a list of what I’ve finished, what’s in the works, and what I’ll never pick up again. Maybe you’ll find a new

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