An Essay About Softball

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Have you ever thought about the sport of softball? I finally did when I was right around the age of seven. I didn’t think to play right away, even my kindergarten reading buddy said that when she asked me if I would ever try softball I had a very quick response of “No”. When I was younger I had my heart set on soccer. We see how that changed quickly. Now I try and balance softball and school every night. Somehow even after 5 years of different teams I’m still balancing both. T-ball was just the beginning of something new. I decided to try it to have something new I had never had in my life before. I remember going to the store and buying all the equipment, running down all of the aisles looking at all the cleats and bats. I wanted the brightest bat, and the most colorful cleats and helmet. The second we got home after buying all the equipment I recall going home and trying it all out. By the time the first game came around I was ready. I met so many new friends on that first game day. We all were a bit of a mess when we played but i was fun. We just played to the minimum amount of rules, hit the ball and run and when the “pitcher” has the ball no more running. I only ever got to play one year of T-ball. However, ragball was a…show more content…
I began a year later then everyone on all my teams. I should’ve started t-ball a year earlier which makes everything else happen a year earlier also. Everyone on my travel team had already played for other travel teams before we created this one. They already knew all the official rules, while I was still trying to figure out how to officially play the sport. The rules were so different then anything i had heard of, stealing home, drop third strike. I also had to get into a new mindset with the sport. I would have to kick it up a level, and not get down on myself as much because i would be playing a lot more, so it would effect a lot more
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