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On my Southeast Asia trip, a friend told me that must eat Mangosteen there and must NOT eat Sushi. By then I hadn’t tasted either.
In fact, I had never heard of the former. Having had it was a real joy.
As for Sushi, just by looking at it I could only say that its artistic presentation is unparalleled!
It’s a work of art as much as a food.
The culinary art form of sushi began as a method of preserving fish centuries ago, but it has evolved into an artful, unique dining experience.
I got to see its various manifestations for the first time in my life when I visited Singapore.
What one experiences is a perfect Radical! It was like love at first sight! I was mesmerized with the decorative part of it, eating would have come later.
I wondered
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Traditionally, sushi is simply rice rolled with vegetables, fish or pickles and sliced into the round but sushi is not just simple food morsels; it is an art form in which the precise arrangement of the seafood or raw fish on a bed of vinegared rice is what elevates it to artistic levels.
Although all kinds of sushi are mistaken for raw fish due to stereotypes, sushi actually covers a variety of offerings including vegetarian ones and it is sashimi that is made of raw fish.
Technically, the word sushi actually refers to the rice, however at a colloquial level the term has come to mean artfully arranged morsel of shellfish or raw fish either as is, or on a bed of vinegared rice.
How to eat sushi
Serious sushi can only be eaten at the bar because that is where you will see the colors inhale the aromas share the laughter and taste the food fully immersed in the environment. We went to Singapore to a bar dedicated to sushi. When we took place we greeted each other at the bar and start a conversation with them. sushi is about community.
The waitress will bring you an oshibori – hot towel – as soon as you are seated. Use this to wipe your hands prior to touching any food. There will be a set of chopsticks with which you can eat your

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