An Essay About Texting And Driving

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People today are having a hard time driving. They are paying less and less attention their surroundings. As a result, drivers are making it hazardous to be out on the streets. We need to realize that driving is becoming increasingly dangerous due to drivers’ bad habits while on the road.
Texting and Driving
Texting and driving can be the most dangerous thing a driver can do. While I drive through town I usually see at least one person on their phone while driving. People using their phone while driving are not paying attention to the road; so they become a danger to themselves and others around them. This can easily lead to an accident that could be life threatening. Although texting and driving is a dangerous habit, it is not the only one.
Look Before Going
People also are becoming increasingly worse at pulling out in front of other people. Since I have been driving, I cannot count how many time someone was not paying attention and pulled out in front of me. For example, while I was driving through town a black truck pulled out in front of me. The truck had wooden pallets in the bed and they flew out towards my car while I was slamming on the brakes. I was lucky and nothing hit me but I have seen several accidents where a person is not
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When someone is behind me and has their lights on the whole time it is difficult for me to see. The light floods in my back window and brightens my mirrors so that I cannot use them. This makes it difficult to see and makes me more likely to get into an accident. This is not an uncommon occurrence, every time I am on my way home from work there is at least one person who forgets to turn their bright lights off and ends up blinded. All people have to do to keep from this is pay attention to the other drivers on the road so that they know when they can turn their lights
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