Examples Of Immigration Struggles In A New World

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Luke Zrostlik
English 2326.01
Dr. Neely
October 27 2015
An Immigrants Struggle in a New World The United States of America is in its entirety a giant melting pot of people, culture, and beliefs. It is an interesting place to live in and is very different from most other countries. The United States is so vast and so diverse that people from the same country cannot even relate to each other. It is divided into 50 states each having their own borders, which makes the United States unique. No state is the same, each having their own ideas and culture. You can see how coming to this country would change you but you would also find similarities with your own home country since it is quite possible that your former countryman have settled in the same state or region that you have also settled in. It is the country of borders. This is increasingly evident in the in the stories of Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid and “Las Vegas Charley” by Hisaye Yamamoto. Our protagonists in Lucy and “Las Vegas Charley” ultimately change in their beliefs and their lifestyles through influences and actions of the individuals around them. In the case of Charley and his son Noriyuki, Noriyuki actually grows because of Charley as Charley dies. He realizes who his father truly is and that relieves any animosity he had towards him. “ Noriyuki—who, without one sour word, had lived though a succession of conflicting emotions about his father—hate for rejecting him as a child; disgust and

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