An Essay About Zootopia

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*To fully understand the story I’m trying to tell you, the story about me, I must start from the events of the past; things that happened long before you and I were even born. Or not? It's hard to say. & short pause& I must warn you too. The things you hear might sound unbelievable, impossible even. I can prove some of them. Some I can't. I need you to trust me.*

Darkness was falling over Zootopia; over curved sky-paths, venturous buildings and their sharp constructions, and heads of the mammals living there. Or, that's how it looked in Downtown, after all. Other areas with their diverse flora didn't look as lively as the Downtown district in these late afternoon hours. Nor did any district seem so uniform with such a variety of grey shades, dominant over all other colors. Animals prepared for the nightlife, faired the best in all of the city.**
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Now. Separate it. Separate it on as many parts and as many mammal species as you can count. Distribute districts for each of those species and leave Downtown to be the heart of the city and the only place one can find each of them. Put hate among animals. Put as much of it as you can imagine. But make it normal, something they wake up with in the morning and go to sleep with in the evening. Make them enjoy it. Make them think it is pure love for their kind. Make them blind. Well, that's how Zootopia looked in 2059. Once.*

Away from business suits, from expensive perfumes and greedy looks of the animals, in the quieter and more peaceful parts near outskirts of Downtown, two new shadows showed up. The kind that always appears in times like these, when night meets the day. Fast and fickle, they'd fall on the walls. Somewhat darker than others, they'd blend with others and appear in a completely different place. Reflections of two middle-sized animals that were furiously walking down the
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