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Ants are relatives of bees and wasps and like them they too live in colonies and each ant

colony has several different kinds of ants. Although the ants in colony belong to the same species

they look different. Ant colonies are described as ‘super organisms’ as a colony works in a

unified manner. Mainly an ant colony consists of queen ants, drones or the male ants and worker

ants. Ants have colonized every part of Earth except Antarctica and a few other extremely

inhospitable lands. Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen individuals living in

small natural cavities to highly organized colonies that occupy large amount of space and

consists of millions of individuals. All ant species need sheltered places to nest
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Such individuals are sometimes called "soldier" ants because their

stronger mandibles make them more effective in fighting. In a few species, the median workers

are absent, creating a sharp divide between the minors and majors

Queen Ants

Each ant colony has one or more than one queen ants whose main work is to lay

fertilized eggs. In most species of ants the queen breeds only once in their lifetime and

breeding mainly takes place in summer. Each queen ant can lay about thousands of eggs per

year. Most of the queens' offspring become worker ants that do not reproduce; some become

new queens and some male ants. When a new queen finds a good place for a nest, she builds

a small chamber and lays some eggs. When the eggs hatch, the queen finds food, and feeds

and takes care of the offspring’s until they mature. They become workers, and they take over

all the work in the nest. The queen does nothing but lay eggs. Queen ants live for several

years and depending on the species of the ant some queens may even live up to 30 years.

Most queen ants develop wings which they use for flying and find a good place to start a new

colony. Once they’ve found a good spot, their wings fall off and they start laying eggs

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