An Essay On How To Get Rid Of Pollen Stains

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Love those beautiful, eye catching lilies, but can't figure out how to get rid of pollen stains? Lilies are exotic flowers, beautiful in appearance and will delight you with their fragrance and colours, yet their pollen can stain everything from carpets and clothes to household surfaces all too easily. The colour in the pollen is made up of a range of pigments. Pigments are responsible for many of the beautiful, vibrant colours we see in plants. The yellow and orange carotenoids (what gives plants their colour) found in flowers like lilies, are what cause stains. When it comes to pollen stain removal, traditional methods of cleaning are often more damaging and can potentially set the stain permanently. Bear in mind that the Lilies unique organic qualities present a major difference to other stains - it's dry, dusty and non-absorbent.…show more content…
Again, a terrible idea. If you add water immediately to the stain, it will dissolve the pollen dust and spread further into the fibres. Avoid touching the lily pollen stain. The natural oils found on your fingertips can cause it to set or sink into the fabric, making it difficult remove. Here is one simple, easy method on how to remove a lily pollen stain from a carpet. STICKY TAPE! Providing you have followed the what not to do's above, removing lily pollen from your carpet using sticky tape should be fairly easy. Take a piece of sticky tape and very gently, lay the sticky tape over the pollen-affected area and dab the pollen once and lift it away. Continue to repeat this step using a clean section of the sticky tape each time. Using a fresh section of the sticky tape each time you dab, will prevent you from re-introducing the pollen back onto the carpet. Continue this process until your fully satisfied that all the pollen is removed. Don't be put off buying lilies because of those pollen nightmares. It is possible to enjoy lilies in your home providing you follow one simple precaution
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