An Essay On Kansas Landforms

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Kansas is a beautiful state full of landforms including; Ozark Plateau, Great Plains, Cherokee Lowlands, Osage Cuestas, Flint Hills and Glaciated Region. These landforms spread from Elgin, Kansas to Summerfield and Kanorado, Kansas to Opolis. Kansas may not be the biggest state, but it is the Heartland. Some of Kansas’s top attractions include; Sedgwick County Zoo, Deanna Rose Children’s farmstead, Cosmosphere, Strataca, Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, Boot Hill Museum, Lake Shawnee, and Oz Museum. With a population of 2.904 million there is plenty of growing room in Kansas. If you plan on moving soon Kansas has an average of $123,100 to buy a house. Kansas is also number 5 ranking for their school system. Averaging $ 4,428 for in-state and $ 14,045 for…show more content…
Travel through the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains or even to the Colorado Plateau. As you travel through Colorado make sure your tennis shoes are ready and you have plenty of water. As the top attractions include; Mesa Verde, Black Cannon, Garden of Gods, Maroon Bells, and Great Sand Dunes. 5.356 Million people live in this beautiful state. Although Colorado has much to do and is very beautiful there’s a price to pay if you want to live there. On average one house can cost $294,200. Other subject to think about is college tuition nonresident students average $63,600, while on average resident students pay $62,864. Schooling ranking coming in at only 35 on the list.
If you compare Kansas and Colorado, you can tell there is many difference only living in the state over. Kansas may not have all the outdoor attractions as Colorado, but the cost of living is $170,900 more than Kansas. Not to include that Colorado is also $59,172 more for an in-state student. Since Colorado residents pays more to live there, they do get an minimum wage of $8.31 compared to Kansas where we get $7.25. There is many things that could be debated between these states, but here is a brief break
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