An Essay On Recycling

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Did you know that we have a BIG problem in our world? The problem is that there is too much waste being produced by humans. Waste is left over material like paper, lunch bags, cans, bottles, plastic bags, wood and metal. Waste is stuff we throw into the garbage because we do not want to use it no more. It's stinky and filling up the landfill sites. We are littering and polluting the land, water and the air we breathe. It's just too easy to throw papers and other stuff you don't need on the ground. Too much garbage hurts our environment and the animals. When the landfills are full, where are we going to put all that garbage?! We don't want it in our backyard! Instead of recycling, we throw most of our waste away. People litter too much and…show more content…
This can also pollute our water supplies, kill fish, waterfowl and make us ill. Animals can also die from chemicals that pollute the water such as oil and gas. The air is polluted by the methane gas that comes out of landfills. Car exhaust also pollutes the air. Factories pollute the air with the smoke they produce when they burn coal and natural gas to make electricity and heat our homes, offices and buildings. Other poisonous gases like car-bon dioxide, CFC's and even cigarette smoke escape into the air and make it hard for us to breathe, like people with asthma. The air smells from gas fumes and industry. Big factories fill our clean air with pollution. When we clear cut trees, animals and other wildlife will die. Many fruits and vegetables are treated with sprays to protect them from insects. Who wants to eat food with harmful pesticides on them? Who is affected by this problem? Everybody (every single one of us) and every living creature in nature is affected because it is a big problem! People, animals, birds, plant life, insects and sea life have all been affected one way or another by this problem. We are are all affected by this waste problem. So are many other nonliving things! Factories affect us with the smoke they produce. The smoke goes into the air we breathe. When we breathe that air, we get sick. Other living things get sick form that air too. Some even die! When farmers and other factory workers dump

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