An Essay On Relationship

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In this world, to live a life, everybody needs someone to always be there by their side. It is not possible to stay alone and be happy at the same time. We can lower our pain by sharing it, or increase our happiness if we can share our happiness with others. People stand with us, share our feelings, bond with us and become a part of our life. We can’t imagine the life without the people who matter the most to us. Some we meet with the needs, some meet with destiny and some stays from the very first day of our life. These connections and commitment of being there make relationships. There is different steps, ways and views of every relation. Trust, love and respect are three different ways to show the importance of our relationship. Relationships can never be accomplished or continued without love. Love is the most important thing to keep a…show more content…
It is not something we just give away or created by feelings or emotions. Trust is something which we need to earn. To keep the relationships, we must be a trusted person. We meet with people in everyday life, but our friends and loved ones are special. We can love any people we meet in our daily life but the relationships want trust. Trust, so that we can share our secret, happiness, sorrows. To give our hundred percent in any relationship, we need the believe that they feel the same for us. In any situation, if we fall down, they will come to save us, this is called trust. Most of the time, family members are the most trusted person in our life. Also, friends and lover earned the trust from us by staying with us, by telling us the truth. Sometimes, lovers lie in the beginning of a new life, they hide things to save relationship, but it is not the way to keep a relationship. Truth can never be hidden, it will come up and we won’t be able to handle the outcome if we broke the trust they had. We should be as trust strengthen a relationship, also there can’t be a relationship without
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