An Essay On The Cave

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Once upon a time, there was a cave. A cave up in the mountains, surrounded with water and earth. The mountain was old, as old as the world when it first emerged from the primordial waters and fire, which had too came from something else. Somewhere out in the infinite chasm known as the cosmos — but that was irrelevant.

The cave was younger.

Just a bit less than the mountain..

The cave sat on the side of the mountain, under a rocky cliff.

And in the cave, there was nothing. No life, no strange divinity, no eldritch powers lurking about. It was but a simple cave, formed by water and the years, just like the other millions upon the earth.

However, outside the cave, life blossomed and the world changed like sand dunes in the wind. Under the cave and above it grew the first trees and grass, and not too soon
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From outside the cave, the Ancient Ones gathered all forms of life, seeds from trees and critters from the ground. They gathers the water and earth, enriched with the Sun and Moon’s first rays through the heavens.

With these, the Ancient Ones planted a tree in the deepest recess of the cave.

A gift, it you will.

The tree grew quickly, much quicker than any other other tree should be. Most trees would feed upon the earth, water and sun to live — but this tree grew in a strange fashion. The hardy bark would glow in the darkness like the radiant Sun itself, the leaves would shimmer like the gentle moonlight. Under the grand tree, blades of grass grew, the critters flourished on its sap and fruit. From under it’s roots, water gushed out like a mighty river, bringing forth the endless torrent of life.

It was a tree unlike any other.

A tree that encompassed the small world that was the cave, sheltering all that was within.

With pride and joy, the leader of the Ancient Ones who planted the seed named the tree and the cave,
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