An Essay On The History Of Slavery In America

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The History Of Slavery Have you ever wondered about how America could rip or tear itself apart by slavery, I mean how bad could it have been right. Well the thing is that this was a very bad time for us and definitely one of our more darker times. If slavery was the one thing strong enough to tear this country apart then everyone should hear why it was bad and now I will tell you how this started. Slavery in America first started in 1619 in a town called Jamestown. A Dutch ship brought over 20 slaves to help us in an aid to plant and harvest the Tobacco plant one of our country's most praised cash crops.(,1) I probably know what you're thinking right now so what it is only 20 slaves it's not like its one million but everything that starts small has to grow. Later in the early 17th century we started getting more slaves to do our work still not a big thing…show more content…
At this time we have more slaves than what we know what to do with down towards the south, and slavery really took off when we invented one machine, the Cotton Gin. What the cotton gin would do is basically we put the cotton in it pulls the seeds out and gives us usable cotton. Since we have a machine so great let's get slaves to do the work for us. So now plantations and farms are getting almost overrun with slaves. We get more auctions and slave traders giving us slaves and then they get money. But now we are getting a little wild with it. By now you start hearing about whippings and beatings and other horrible things that are done to slave, and whenever a girl is put up for slavery auctions people would buy her and use her for other purposes than doing work only for pleasure. But not all slave runners were like this. Some treated the slave with respect and as if they were real people. You probably never heard that from another person because you always hear about the bad things done to
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