An Essay On The History Of The Civil War

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There is a meaning that is withheld in what we see everyday, whether it be in a painting, writing, or in a photo, we all have certain perspectives on different subjects and that’s one of the things that brings a divergence in the path of thoughts. All of three mentioned above are a way that our history as a nation can be preserved, unless of course there’s a fire and everything goes up in flames within seconds and just like that, everything is gone, and this is why copies are important everyone. Oh, what’s that? The south and north are so angry with each other that they’re actually throwing punches instead of throwing words at each other. Wait, did you mean books? Nope, letters to show how much they disagree with one another’s ideas,…show more content…
Even then, it was very fortunate for a man to return home unscathed, many lost extremities in this, this can often be seen in photos or in the books that were written. Every conflict is different, but not even death, injury, or disease can be avoided especially in a time where so little medicine could be found, this was a reason why so many lives were lost, the conditions for which these soldiers lived in was extremely poor, disease was easily spread amongst those who were fighting. Pain and devastation could not be avoided, while this is terrible to think about, it is quite frankly true, anyone who was on the battlefield was put directly in front of harm’s way, leading to the deaths of many. During this time, many photos had been taken, even if the photographer was at risk, the photos were taken either way. A photo taken by James Gibsons in 1828 was a true depiction of the suffering that these individuals had to go through, attached was the following caption, “The Seven Days’ Battles, which raged from June 25 to July 1, resulted in the deaths of approximately 30,000 soldiers. Medical care in field hospitals could not meet the requirements of the war’s wounded.” The pictures brings a livelihood to the soldiers who had to endure not getting the proper treatment because the hospitals no longer had room, this was, of course, due to the amount of casualties that
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