An Essay On The Idea Of Right Living

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An Essay on the idea of Right living Sage 230-Paper 2 12/3/2014 St Andrews University Kumanwee, Barine List of Quotes to be used in this Essay “Through me you enter into the city of woes, Through me you enter into eternal pain, Through me you enter the population of loss…Abandon all hope, you who enter here”.(Canto iii,line1-7) “For the Emperor who governs from on high Wills I not to enter His city, where none may appear who lived like me in rebellion to his law. His empire is everything and everywhere…Happy is the soul He chooses for that place!”(Canto I, line 99-104). “He offered up his right-hand glove to God: Saint Gabriel removed it from his hand. And with his head inclined upon his arm…Then God sent down his angel Cherubin and Saint Michael of the Sea and of the Peril; together with Saint Gabriel they came and took the count’s soul to Paradise.“ (stanza176, line 2389). “Beneath a pine, beside an eglantine, there stood a throne of finest beaten gold; here seated is the king who rules sweet France. His beard is white, his hair is shot with gray, his body is well formed, his features proud. No one would need to have him pointed out” (stanza 8, line 144-119). “Justice of God! Who is it that heaps together so much peculiar torture and travail? How is it that we choose to sin and wither?” (Canto Vii, line17-19). The Idea of Right living Introduction Different people have varying ideologies concerning the idea of right living, and these ideas are
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