An Essay On The Progressive Movement

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As expected in history, constant changes, actions, and conflicts are created with the intent of advancing into the future. In the given sections, Fifteen, on the Progressive Movement, and Sixteen, on the U.S. at the turn of the century, several notable events took place in the United States. Without the diligence and determination of many leaders of this time, countless things would not have come to be at such an early date. Steps taken to move and develop into a country that focuses on all groups of people, both similar and different, is extremely prominent in Section Fifteen. Additionally, in Section Sixteen, the spirit of nationalism creates a stronger United States, which in turn, also begins new improvements to provide economic success…show more content…
As immigrants from Eastern Europe came to the United States in search of a fresh start, numerous Americans felt as though their jobs were being taken. However, activists of the Progressive Movement knew the reality of those new to American life. In 1890, Jacob Riis wrote “How the Other Half Lives.” In this book, he explained the harsh living conditions that immigrants were exposed to. Poverty in urban areas and life in the slums were documented by him in order to further show the everyday surroundings for immigrants and their struggle to become American citizens. Based off of the social gospel, many felt obligated to take responsibility for the urban poor, and several believed that by doing this, salvation would be obtained. In turn, settlement houses were created, which were community centers that provided assistance for immigrants. The most widely known and familiar settlement house was the Hull House, which was founded by Jane Addams. The Hull House was located in Chicago and provided English lessons and job training for immigrants. This brought hope to a multitude of immigrants that were set on working and becoming a citizen of the United
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