An Essay On Volunteerism

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“To volunteer” is to carry out acts for the benefit of others without a physical obligation to do so. “To be a volunteer” is to willingly devote your time and resources to a cause, a person, or a group of people. The act of volunteering is one of the basic expressions of human behavior, through which individuals align their interests with those of their respective communities and together assist in achieving worthwhile social progress. By volunteering individuals demonstrate their involvement in society, their individualism, and at the same time – their insect-like unison.
Firstly, through volunteering individuals show their capacity for understanding others; their empathy. For instance: when you see a crying child on the street you feel a
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For a group to survive: solidarity, cohesion and unity are prerequisites. Volunteerism is a Petri dish for all three. By volunteering you express your values, the values of your community, and unknowingly you better the entire world. Human behavior is contagious, and it’s better to be a carrier of altruism than a carrier of selfishness. When an individual commits to volunteerism, others will follow until it becomes the standard in their community. When a community commits to volunteerism, others will follow until it becomes the standard in the world. This is the butterfly-effect of human behavior.

Volunteerism is a well known phenomenon for everyone.Volunteerism has an ancient past powerful, a present active and problematic and a perspective more promising for the future.
Volunteerism provides opportunities for all, to make active life in society and to be agents of change.It is so powerful, practical and stable to treat poverty and inequality.
The relationship voluntary and community is about cooperation and work together to develop solutions, means that change comes from the base organization and it is owned
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Everyone can participate in a voluntary activity and contribute , by possibilities and the time that they have. Especially young people who often use their free time with other activities and do not became part of volunteering, without knowing that this activity may serve in the future.
Volunteer work is an act or action of a group of individuals organized, to improve and alleviate various problems that a given community may have.
A volunteer is an individual who serves in the community, because so wants and is his choice.
Most volunteers are part of the structures of no profit organizations. By definition, a volunteer is a individual who performs a free job against a service provided by his will.
Volunteerism in general principle is the practice of people working , who work for others without being motivated by financial or material benefits. Volunteerism is mainly related to an altruistic activity, who aims to promote the highest quality of life for
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