An Essay on Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effect essay: A change in the way you deal with other people Introduction The human civilization, from the beginning of the times, has been dictated by constant cultural and social changes. These cultural and social changes did not only have a significant on the lifestyles of human beings around the world, but it also effected on how people deal with one and other. It must be noted that human civilization across the globe has remained in the constant process of evolution and no matter what, this process of evolution could not be resisted and people have to surrender to change. The process of evolution became even more rapid in the post information technol.ogy era. This is because human life style not only became faster paced, but also easy and massive accessibility towards media and telecommunications resulted in greater exposure and awareness of human mind from a very young age. As a result the generation that belongs to the post modern era is found to be much more mentally smarter than its older counterparts (Shelden, Tracy & Brown, 2004). Due to these changes, significant changes were implicated on child development, teaching styles and general up bringing andof children along with family lifestyles and traditional ties all around the world. Capitalism, Youth and Cultural Change Over a period of time, as the telecommunications and information technology progressed and the access to the international media became easier, and modern education became

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