An Essay on Denial of Service Attack

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DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK: SIMPLE BUT DESTRUCTIVE In last several years, Daniel of Service attack (DoS)/ Distributed Daniel of Service attack (DDoS) has become one of the most critical threats for internet security, though it’s easily accomplished by the intruders. Even, proven and practicable attacking software are also available on the Internet. To get rid of this attack, first of all we have to know its consequences. Typically, an internet connection is established using a methodology named ‘THREE WAY HANDSHAKING’. Following this protocol, at first client pc sends request (SYN) for connection establishment and then receiving this request server pc response to it sending an acknowledgement of approval (SYN_ACK) message to the client pc.…show more content…
Access list controls addresses who are allowed to connect with the network and who aren’t. These lists are orthodox in preventing IP spoofing, Smurf attacks, DoS TCP/IP floods, DoS ICMP floods or any kind of traceroute filtering. To restrict Smurf or Fraggle attack, configure the router to block broadcast packets emerging outside of the network. There are slight variations in the router configuration commands. Though, by default, all most every latest router inhibits these broadcasts. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) is a methodology which can drop IP packets containing fake source address. It can work in either strict or loose mode. Though, level of its rigidity varies from router to router. Also, don’t forget to configure the ACLs, so that, if uRPF fails, ACL can handle it. There are other monitoring techniques like: customer/peer notification, Sinkhole, Rate limiting, Backscatter technique, Blackhole filtering, net flow monitoring, Advance BGP Filtering etc. Your task is easy. Only make sure you are not the
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