An Essay on Strong vs Weak Theory of Advertising

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An Essay on Strong VS Weak Theory of Advertising

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A Debate on Strong VS Weak Theory of Advertising - Which One Is Better?

‘Advertising’ the word originated from the Latin word ‘adverto’, which means to turn around. The root of advertising can be found in ancient times such as ancient Egyptian used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters, commercial messages and political campaign found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia, lost and found advertising on papyrus in ancient Greece and Rome, wall painting for commercial advertising in ancient India (Mogel, 1993). Advertising defined by Belch & Belch (2004) as a paid form of communication through
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Another important model of strong school is ‘DAGMAR’ which means defining advertising goals for measured advertising results. This model was a suggested formula by Russel Colley in 1961 for setting communications oriented objective (Egan, 2007). This model has the following stages: Unawareness→ Awareness→ Comprehension→ Conviction→ Action which basically suggests that consumers climb a mental ladder before they purchase the product or service and then advertising leads consumers from up the ladder toward purchasing the product or service. Lastly, ‘Elaboration Likelihood’ model which is developed by Richard E. Petty and John T. Cacioppo in 1986 (Perloff, 2003). This is a dual process model which refers to two routes (central and peripheral route) based on the high and low involvement of consumers, gives idea about when people likely to be elaborate, or not elaborate from advertisements.

Next, comprehensive discussion on the weak theory of advertising along with the models are done is this section. Weak theory also called as ‘Salience Theory’ by Ehrenberg is which believes that advertising can improve target audiences’ awareness and knowledge about the product which reinforces their existing attitudes. One of the most notable writers of weak theory Andrew Ehrenberg believes that consumers’ purchase of any particular brand

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