An Essay on Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide
My essay is on teen suicide there are a lot of suicides that happen in the U.S they are caused from being bullied also it can caused by being depressed. There is also a high increase of suicides for people who take antidepressants. All this information is true based on the sites below.
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90% of the children who has committed suicide were not taking antidepressants. The FDA Black Box labeling created a barrier for youth and parents by scaring them away from care and contributing to decline of there treatment. The rate of teen suicide was 4.5 per 100,000. The use of antidepressants also decline after the food and administration required labels warning on everything that the children took that mite also give them suicidal thoughts. A wide range of unattended health consequences resulting from antidepressants. Those are the reasons why suicide has worried the mental health experts. Audrie Pott committed suicide because she was sexually assaulted and was cyber bullied. Audrie went to Saratoga high school. Audrie was at a party when she got drunk and passed out and boys she’s known for years sexually assaulted Audrie while she was passed out drunk. The boys who assaulted Audrie took photos of the attack on there phones. Audrie found out what happen when a friend told her Audrie confronted the boys who attacked her and she said “ I swear to god if you still have those pictures I will kill you”. One of the boys who assaulted her said that he would make sure that the pictures would not get sent around school. Audrie told the boy that it will get sent out because stuff always gets sent out. The images did get sent around school. She had to endure torments from class mates on Facebook. Before Audrie took her life she wrote a friend a

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