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Halifax, Nova Scotia. An estimate of the total population by census for 2011 was 390,090. The approximate number of population in the year of 2013 was 409,000. The forecast for 2014 is 410,000. (Greater Halifax Partnership, 2014) B. Using means (averages), frequencies (number of people), and percentages provided by Statistics Canada describe: • Halifax, Nova Scotia Median age of population according to Census of 2011 was 39.9 years (38.8 – male, 40.9 – female). The number of population aged 25 and over in Halifax was 270,095 or 69.2% of the total population. Average after-tax income in 2010 of Halifax’s population 15 years and over was $33,210. The median after-tax income of families was $67,939, the median for couple families was $74,068 and for lone-parent families was $39,769. The proportion of population in low after-tax income was 15.1%. Education: Of the population aged 15 years and over (324,850 people), 78,340 or 24.1% had completed some form high school diploma or equivalent, 194,460 or 59.9% had post secondary certificate, diploma or degree, and 52,050 or 16% had completed neither high school nor any postsecondary certificates, diplomas or degrees. Ethnic background: According to 2011 National Household Survey, 31,245 (8.1%) of the total population are foreign-born (immigrants), 348,350 (90.6%) are Canadian-born (non-immigrants) and 4,735 (1.2%) are non-permanent residents. Most frequently reported ethnic origins were Canadian – 141,235 (36.7%), English –
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