An Ethical And Successful Leader

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As an ethical and successful leader I believe that one must remember is that you should always considers your followers over yourself. Without them, you are not able to get anything done. You are best able to gage if your being a successful leader if others are willing to follow you to accomplish positive change. If you are always considering others then it is easy to maintain an ethical approach because you make yourself more aware of what could be viewed as unethical within not only your contextual view but also others who think differently then you. The Relational Leadership Model is useful to build the mindset for thinking about others if you focus on the ethical and empowering side of the model (Komives, S. R., Lucas, N., & McMahon, T. R, 2013). The way your treat those around you makes an important statement to your leadership style. Over all we do see men and woman in the field of museum work but the way they are treated is vastly different. Male curators will be involved in a more science and research field while women will usually fill the maintenance and care role. These two positions area not equally respected though they both use the title of curator. To maintain a collection is admirable but why collect if no information is obtained. So the woman in these positions are just a stepping stone for a researcher to come in and reap the rewards of intellectual discovery. The difficulties to practicing this form of leadership is that it is impossible to consider every
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