An Ethical Business Has a Broad Agenda and Focuses on Making a Positive Contribution to the Community.

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INTRODUCTION Working in partnership in health and social care sector is seen as an effective and embracing strategy for the successful delivery of services for the service providers as well as the service users. According to Glendinning et al. (2002, p. 3), and Sullivan and Skelcher (2002), partnership working would involve at least two agencies with common interests of interdependencies and require a degree of trust, equality, a shared responsibility and an intention to deliver benefits or added values which could not have been achieved by a sole agency acting alone. Therefore, in this essay various concepts for building effective partnership relationships to achieve positive outcomes will be discussed in detail. LO1 There are 6…show more content…
There are three different levels of partnership relationships, which are firstly, between the service users and service providers, secondly, among the health care and social care service professionals, and thirdly, among the health and social care organisations. In the case of the service user - provider partnership relationship, there are several factors to consider in order achieving positive outcomes, and these positive outcomes may be linked to the accomplishment of user’s needs. Therefore, in the partner relationship, understanding and fulfilling the specific needs of the service users are critical. For instance, by using a person-centred approach, a social worker could learn about a particular client as a whole through effective communication, and customise certain healthcare and social services according to the preference and wish of the client. This process would increase satisfaction and contribution level of the user as he or she and the social worker cooperatively produce service plan, and after all, it could lead to positive partnership relationship. Secondly, among the various health and social care professionals, their skills and abilities of working within a team may be the fundamental factor to maintain an effective partnership. Different professionals, such as nurses, carers, social workers and physiotherapist have their own specialty and knowledge in particular areas. In order to
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