An Ethical Business Of An Organization Exporting Textiles From A Developing Country?

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What is the best approach to establishing an ethical business importing textiles from a developing country? The Research Question and Outcome The initial idea of creating a business originated during travel in Sri Lanka. After seeing the poverty and need of many workers who could barely support themselves or their families, I decided to investigate options to help in some way. Through my travels and observations, I realized the lack of ethical working conditions and pay. After considering the topic of my research project, I decided to investigate the best manner to set up an ethical import business. I decided to import from an ethical supplier that I had learned about during my time in Sri Lanka. Although I had no personal experience in…show more content…
Despite the important information I was able to obtain, some of the questions I asked were too broad. For example, I was only able to ask one question to an accountant as the first question resulted in a fifteen minute answer. This gave me too much information, teaching me an important lesson in the importance of specific questions. Once the interviews had been completed and the research finalised, the next step in business creation was a product survey. Although the survey produced useful results, it was severely limited by the amount of respondents. Due to time and cost limitations, only twenty surveys were completed which compromised the survey’s effectiveness. Internet research not only supported the interviews but also provided excellent information to supplement the research. However, there were downsides to the internet research as some sources appeared to be contradictory. While extensive research further clarified the best approach to business establishment, there were instances where I had to make a decision between the advices of two sources which directly opposed each other’s viewpoint. Further issues with the research were the reputability of certain sources. As many websites had no author, it was difficult to establish the credentials of the website. Once again, I need to make decisions as to which source was the best to use. Evaluation of Difficulties There were several difficulties I faced during the course of the
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