An Ethical Dilemma Experienced Personally

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An ethical dilemma experienced personally
I am a full time student, while doing part time job at gas station as a cashier cum customer service representative. My job responsibilities are usually help customer and take the necessary payments from customers. Often it happened that some customer left their remaining small change (5 or 10 cents) by saying keep the change. Every day total of tips 1 or 2 dollar, monthly or yearly this can be sum-up a big total. I was in an ethical dilemma what should I do with that tips every day? Should I keep those tips for myself? Would not that be steeling, illegal? What if I decide to take those tips and someone or manager see me taking those tips in my pocket what they would think of me? Or should I drop those tips in the store cashier. To me it was completely an ethical dilemma. Morally or ethically which side should I choose so that at the end will also feel better for my decision?
Introducing a model to resolve dilemma
In search of resolving my personal dilemma I choose seven steps model of Professor Henk Van Luijk, which deals with personal moral dilemmas. This model used by different professionals and organizations, especially if the subject matters are in between corporate world and professional. Professor Henk van Luijk of Nijenrode University, Business Schools in Netherland was one of the inventors of business ethics and is considered as the father of business ethics in Europe. His method also has been adapted by the American…

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