An Ethical Dilemma Of Tube Feeding

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An Ethical Dilemma of Tube Feeding There are times that self-determination has opposition with the values and beliefs of health care providers. The five step ethical decision making model is in place for patients that are unable to make their own health care decisions due to incompetency; paternalism is not the method used anymore. “In relation to health care, paternalism manifests itself in the making of decisions on behalf of patients without their full consent or knowledge. (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008). Value systems, which includes a patients and family morals, play a factor in ethical decision making. Background Ann is seventy-seven-year-old that was diagnosed with moderately advanced Alzheimer’s disease two years ago. She has periods of confusion, frustration, anger and obsessive thinking. When Ann began to realize her health was deteriorating, she and her husband Frank discussed their wishes should anything happen to them. Ann stated she would not want to be hooked to a breathing machine if she had no chance of survival and no papers were ever signed regarding this. Frank sincerely loved Ann, they were married for sixty years. As Ann’s Alzheimer’s progressed, Frank started to take care of Ann by cooking for her and cleaning all while watching her health decline. Eventually, for Ann’s safety she was admitted to a long term care facility. After three weeks in the nursing facility Ann developed pneumonia and was transported to the local hospital and started on
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