An Ethical Dilemma Regarding The Hiring Of A New Organization

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The FIDA organization faces an ethical dilemma regarding the hiring of a new organizational leader. Consideration is being given to someone who expects a salary far outside FIDA’s ethical compass used to establish salaries. Applying either a care ethics or the Rawls’s difference principle of ethical reasoning to the circumstance supports not hiring the person. However, applying the Rawls’s difference principle provides the stronger argument in support of this decision, as it allows the decision-maker to impartially determine if the decision is just and fair for the broadest group of key stakeholders affected.
As a global justice organization, FIDA employs a hiring policy that provides for a limit on the salary of employees to be hired. Thus, the highest paid salary will not exceed three times that which is paid to the lowest paid member of the organization. However, FIDA needs a new chief executive officer and is considering a candidate, Joan, who wants three times the outgoing officer’s salary. Joan has indicated that she is worthy of the higher salary as she can significantly increase funds raised. Applying the Rawls’s difference principle would support hiring Joan at the higher salary only if it resulted in a greater share of resources available to all stakeholders and benefited the least well off of that group. Therefore, the key stakeholders must be identified and it must be determined whether they would be better off under the circumstances.
The stakeholders
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