An Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace

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An Ethical Dilemma In The Workplace The Dilemma;
An Assistant Teacher, from my Counseling Ministry, has worked for twenty years in many types of school setting and with students from grades Pre-K to High school. During her career, she has encounter unfavorable encounters with her peers, parents and students. One particular incident she received a written reprimand from her supervisor. The supervisor stated she engaged in dishonorable conduct of insubordination. She refuses to abide by the instructions, refuses to follow policies, and refused to perform designated work. It also said she was neglecting one’s own job, duties, and responsibility or provided the best possible service as an Assistant Teacher. The reprimand threatens her
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Maintain position as hired for, an Assistant- to aid the primary teacher as instructed.
3. Cooperative; expected to conduct responsibilities professionally. Communication with primary teacher in an honorable disposition and should be on going and without disruption for learning. Follow classroom schedules, prepare instruction material, and maintain clerical duties as instructed by the primary teacher.
4. Customer Relations; refer all questions of the parents about a child’s academic and behavioral progress, or illness to the primary teacher. All communications, concerns, or grievances, concerning colleagues are to be address before or after class instruction time.
5. Confidentiality is to be maintaining in the working environment and out in the community setting. No information is to breech concerning staff, parents, students, or other stakeholders.
6. Loyal is to be maintain in the district and public relations to the school. Ms. Lee upholds the following instructions and standards set forth by the Administrations and the state’s Department of Education requirements. And reflects those instructions and policies have never been compromise during her twenty years career in the Educational field. References and witness have maintains she has complied in every avenue. A written response from Ms. Lee was added to the Employee file.
Ms. Lee and I went over every concern and I suggest a journal be kept to see the differences of

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