An Ethical Glance At Human Euthanasia

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An Ethical Glance at Human Euthanasia In recent history not many topics have stirred up as strong or divided opinions as that of Human Euthanasia. This is partly due to the fact that our medical technology is far superior then even just a few decades ago. Modern day human beings, especially Americans, have the benefit of living far longer lives than our predecessors. People with terminal illnesses formerly doomed immediately are able to live for longer periods of time, the elderly receive better care and are able to be kept alive longer then they would be able to survive naturally, and people who would normally perish while in comas or a persistent vegetative state are able to be kept alive through the technology we have all come to marvel at and appreciate. While the new technologies and breakthroughs in medical care are of course a testament to the hard work and diligence of brilliant minds they have spawned questions that are as perplexing as the aforementioned technology is amazing. I intend to discuss some of these questions here and although I am not a scholar in this field and my opinions are humble I ask only that you respect them for what they are. When looking at an issue such as Human Euthanasia it is important to understand some of the basic terminology used by news and media outlets as well as experts in the field who are on either side fighting for or against euthanasia. One of the major arguments bases around bio or medical ethics. According to Wikipedia,

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