An Ethnographic Study Of Issues Surrounding The Provision Of Sport Opportunities For Young Men From A Western Canadian Inner

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Critically Evaluate One Qualitative Research Method in one recent Journal Article

The article this essay is critically evaluating is ‘An ethnographic study of issues surrounding the provision of sport opportunities to young men from a western Canadian inner – city’ (Holt et al., 2013). The aim of the study was to examine the issues surrounding the provision of sport opportunities to young men from inner – city areas of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Holt et al., 2013). The main aspects this essay is going to evaluate include the type of method used, the sampling technique and its appropriateness, the ethics surrounding the research and finally how valid and reliable the research was.

The main method used in this study was ethnographic research. ‘An ethnographer believes that in order to understand, translate and explain how cultures work, one needs to become a functioning member of that culture’ (Atkinson, 2012, p67). This appeared essential in order to gain insight beyond what was being reported, so the researcher could clearly identify what exact opportunities were available to young men from inner – city areas in Edmonton and how they were being carried out. The researcher immersed themselves in ongoing social activities of the youth workers, the settings in which they worked and with some of the young men themselves (Wolcott, 1995).

The research team included 3 researchers, two trained in sport sociology and the main author was trained in sport psychology, providing an…
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