An Ethnographic Study On American Ethnic Identity

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African-Americans have been suffering a lot through continuous involvement in their lives and activities since they were treated as slaves in the past. Today, prejudice against Black people is still a complicated issue. In examining how people in a small group interpret and reinterpret their identities, my thesis for this ethnographic study aims to illuminate how the ethnographic record provides claims about African- American ethnic identity in order to counter the impact of discrimination.

I have figured out that attendant observation is beneficial to immerse myself into a community, in order to gain a better information about the intricacies and inner psychology which could not be obtained from literature or any other methods where information is simply provided. The selected informant is known as a sample and is highly important for the research that characterizes an ethnographic survey.

In addition, I will draw on my Profile essay where I interviewed one of my professors. The person that I wrote about might be considered one of the most accurate model of how to deal with daily experiences as an African- American.

This essay is based on my personal experience at a Black Student Association. At this conference, the speakers spoke about issues that African-American deal with today. During the conference, I was figuring out how much Black people have been going through from their daily activities. The conference held by Black people gives me impression that I can never
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