An Ethnography Of Wall Street

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Employing a Gender Lens When looking at the issue of corporate crime, it becomes apparent that gender is a factor that can play a significant role. Within the article An Ethnography of Wall Street, it is described that because of a social hierarchy, the majority of those in CEO positions are white males while those in lower positions tend to be more females. As discussed in the documentary Inside Job, the males in corporations featured tended to be impulsive risk takers which can be related to the idea of “doing masculinity”. Using these sources, one is able to create a critique of the theory emancipation in accordance to corporate crime. Through the analysis of the documentary Inside Job and the article An Ethnography of Wall Street, it can be determined that corporations are gendered and are based around a sense of masculinity. Through the analysis of the article An Ethnography of Wall Street with consideration of gender, one can seen that gender plays a significant role with big corporations such as the one discussed. It is stated with Karen Ho’s article that the majority of those in higher positions such as CEOs are white male, in comparison to those in lower positions which tend to be women and minorities. Placement of the building is described by the author to illustrate the segregation of people’s ranking in the corporate based on factors including gender, race and social class. Women are typically seen more in the back office of the corporation meaning that they
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