An Evaluation Assignment of George C Wolfe's 'The Colored Museum'

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What is the plot? The play is split into eleven vignettes which express the experience of Black people in the 1980s through satire. The play is a comedy in which black stereotypes are exaggerated and presented through the eleven scenes that are presented as exhibits in a museum. The two scenes to be discussed here are the first scene entitled "Git on Board", and the second scene entitled "Cooking with Aunt Ethel." In "Git on Board", a flight attendant delivers a monologue. This flight attendant is named Miss Pat. First, a slide show is presented to the audience that portrays the atrocities of slavery and then Miss pat appears and starts to speak to the audience as though they are slaves traveling on a slave ship. Through the monologue, Miss Pat provides an outline of African American history, which acts to provide the audience with an appropriate historical foundation for the remainder of the play. The next scene, "Cooking with Aunt Ethel' presents a heavily sterotyped black American character that conducts a cooking show of sorts. In this scene, the audience is addressed directly by Aunt Ethel in the form of song. The content of the song is serious, conveying messages about the social and economic views faced by African Americans, but the song is delivered in a humorous way. The song transitions through various tones and styles, which reflects the diversity of music in African American culture. Acting: How believable were the characters in terms of voice, body,

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