An Evaluation Of A Company 's Business Service

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Due to the gaps in different types of insurance coverage’s, it has become increasingly more difficult to decide which insurance best fits your business needs. The Producer explained how an evaluation of a company 's business service, and sometimes contractual requirements, will determine the type of insurance needed to protect their business. The types of insurance that was discussed during the time spent with the Producer is important to a business during a financial loss. There are many different policy coverage forms. After high school the Producer attended Missouri College, and obtained an Associate 's Degree. Shortly after working for her current company she worked towards a Missouri Producer 's license to be able to write insurance in the state of Missouri. During her career, further education is needed. The state of Missouri requires continuing education every two years in order to renew her Producer 's License. Her work load is about 50 accounts a day typically through email submissions. Her job duty includes, reviewing company web sites, entering applications into the company system, and requesting additional information if necessary. Another part of her responsibility is the risk management of an account which is the amount of experience a company has, plus how many years in business, and has there been any claims etc. Other obligations she is responsible for are internal audits, state compliance issues, building relationships with customers, and other

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