An Evaluation Of A Research Study Lecture Notes, L. Meek ( Personal Communication, Jan 27

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EPM can be inherited because just like any other traits that will enhance our survival. The six properties that were discussed in lecture were great criteria to determine whether an observed behavior was an EPM in a species. An EPM solved a specific problem of survival or reproduction recurrently over the evolutionary history. Only narrow of information is processed according to EPM. The adaptive problem that an organism is facing is also informed by the EPM. Also EPM transformed through, leaving some room for decision making for an individual as the output. The output is also physiological activity when you make the decision to go with it or take a step back. Finally, the output is to solve a specific problem. In the lecture notes, L. Meek (personal communication, Jan 27, 2016) provided David Buss’s summary of the definition of EPM, “an EPM is a set of procedures within an organism designed to take in a particular slice of information and transform that information via decision rules into output that historically has helped with the solution to an adaptive problem. The psychological mechanism exists in current organisms because it led, on average, to the successful solution of a specific adaptive problem for that organism’s ancestors (2016).”
EPM existed to solve a specific problem of survival and reproduction, for example, when human males are aggressive because in the hunter-gatherers societies being able to defend your territories and protect your people is a need to
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